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A micro mechanical system for liquid dosage and nebulization

: Temmel, G.; Hermes, T.; Paneva, R.; Kluge, S.; Woias, P.

Borgmann, H.:
Actuator '96. Conference proceedings
Bremen: AXON Technology Consult, 1996
International Conference on New Actuators <5, 1996, Bremen>
Fraunhofer IFT; 2000 dem IZM eingegliedert
liquid dosing system; micro pump; microsystem; nebulization

In this publication, a micromachined compact system for liquid dosage and nebulization is presented for the first time. The system combines two elements, produced by silicon micromachining: a micro pump for precise dosage and a micro nebulizer for atomization. The system is characterized by a low power consumption (about 0.3 W) and a low weight (below 10 g). The micro pump is sized 7x7x2 mm3. It can deliver up to 1 ml/min. The pump rate, controlled by the driving frequency, determines the nebulization rate of the dosing system. The nebulizer (chip size 13x13 mm2) produces a fine smog (dlo = 17 mu m). The nebulization rate is up to 40 mu l/min. in this range, there is a nearly linear correlation between the driving frequency of the micro pump and the pump rate. The manufacturing process and some measuring curves of the devices are presented. The system was developed for anaesthetic dosage.