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A Micro-fab for the Micro-assembly of Optical Lenses

MikroFab zur Mikromontage optischer Linsen

Agency of Industrial Science and Technology -AIST-; Mechanical Engineering Laboratory -MEL-:
Microfactory. International Workshop on Microfactories
Tsukuba, Japan: Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, 1998
International Workshop on Microfactories (IWMF) <1998, Tsukuba, Japan>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Linse (Optik); Magaziniersystem; Mikromontage; Mikrotechnik; Optical Lenses; Optisches Gerät

This article describes integrating the micro-assembly of small lens systems into an automated micro-fab. The micro-fab consists of a cleaning and inspection cluster, an assembly and hardening cluster, and input/output stations. An essential element of the micro-fab is a modularly constructed magazine system which is compatible with the production processes used. Apart from gibing a general concept of the micro-fab, this article also goes into detail about the realization of device technology for micro-assembly.