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Methods and Tools for an Efficient Design of Service Robot Applications

: Schraft, R.D.; Hägele, M.

International Federation of Robotics; Singapore Industrial Automation Association -SIAA-:
26th International Symposium on Industrial Robots '95. Proceedings
Singapore: MEP, 1995
ISBN: 1-86058-000-9
International Symposium on Industrial Robots <26, 1995, Singapore>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
application; Dienstleistung; Kinematik; Optisches Meßverfahren; Reseau Scanning Camera (RSC); Roboter; Roboteranwendung; Robotersteuerung; service robot; Serviceroboter; Tankroboter

Service robots will constitute an interesting new discipline in robotics with promising perspectives. It can be assumed that most applications will require service robots which are specialists designed for the optimal execution of a given task with little possibilities in laying out its environment. Especially for service robot solutions based on manipulator arm kinematics, the task oriented layout of its kinematic and overall system architecture will play an important role. Starting from a process-oriented analysis of the service task all relevant information is mapped onto trajectories, constraints and permissible workspaces. After specifying an initial robot structure and an initial placement all kinematic relevant dimensions are then optimized. The system uses in its implementation a fast genetic algorithm. The procedure of laying out a service robot system employing the described tools will be demonstrated at a common example: the automatic refilling of automobiles.