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A method for an optimal dimensioning of warehouses

: Walderich, W.

Robert, H.:
11th International Conference on Automation in Warehousing '91. Proceedings
Kempston: IFS Publications, 1991
ISBN: 1-85423-097-2
International Conference on Automation in Warehousing <11, 1991, Helsinki>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Lager; Lagerhaltung; Lagerorganisation; Planung; Vorrat

Computer Aided Planning systems can be expected to start playing a major role in the warehouse planning process. Each warehouse has to be planned scpecifically. The dimensions of a warehouse depend on several factors, including: - the stock - strategies - product mix - product handling characteristics, - type of warehouse, etc. In order to find an optimal solution, many possible variations must be evaluated. The central problem for all subsequent planning steps is the optimiziation of the layout. The iterative planning process lends itself to the use of computers. The following paper presents a new computer-aided method for optimal dimensioning of warehouses. It is based upon the work at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing and Automation.