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Meteroid/Debris Simulation Experiments on MIR Viewport Samples

Meteoriten/Debris Simulationsexperimente an MIR-Fensterproben
: Schneider, E.; Stilp, A.J.; Kagerbauer, G.


International Journal of Impact Engineering 17 (1995), S.731-737
ISSN: 0734-743X
Hypervelocity Impact Symposium <1994>
Fraunhofer EMI ()
acceleration; Beschleunigung; impact damage phenomena; Impakt-Schäden; MIR-Station; orbital debris; projectiles; Projektile; quartz glass; Quarzglas; Weltraummüll

Pane samples of quartz glass, as they are used for viewport elements in the Russian Space Station MIR, have been tested with respect to impact resistance in an effort to simulate MM/Space debris impact. A damage characteristics curve has been established for spherical AI-projectiles having masses roughly between about 3 mg and 60 mg. Impact velocities ranged between 4 km/s and 9.1 km/s. IMACON (image converter camera) photos of the impact process have been taken during each experiment. Damage features have been quantitatively characterized and have been related to the respective impact parameters. An interesting uplift phenomenon of target material beneath the impact site has been detected from the IMACON records.