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Messverfahren zum Bestimmen des Widerstandes eines Messsensors sowie Messvorrichtung zur Durchfuehrung des Verfahrens

Measuring device for the electrical measurement of a resistance
: Konstanzer, M.; Huber, R.

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DE 1991-4101819 A: 19910123
DE 1991-4101819 A: 19910123
EP 1992-100548 A: 19920115
DE 4101819 C2: 19930401
EP 496254 A: 19920729
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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A measuring device (1) is used for the electrical measurement of a resistance (3) forming a sensor (2), the resistance possibly being a Pt 100 resistor, for example. A storage capacitor (11) is switched in parallel to said resistor (3). The measurement resistance (3) and the storage capacitor (11) are connected to a meter (5) via two wires (4). The line length may be several meters. Using a current source (10a, 10b), a constant measuring current can be sent through the measuring circuit. A voltage proportional to the current falls off at the resistor (3), said voltage being used to charge the storage capacitor (11) switched in parallel. If the constant current is then switched off, the charge voltage of the storage capacitor (11) can be remotely measured without voltage drops occurring in the line resistors since measurements are performed with practically no current. This measuring process can also consider thermal voltages occurring in the measuring circuit (Fig. 2).