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Messrad mit mehreren kombinierten Radial-/Tangentialverbindungen

Messrad (A)
Measuring wheel
: Neugebauer, J.; Grubisic, V.; Rupp, A.

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DE 1992-4216670 A: 19920520
DE 1992-4216670 A: 19920520
EP 1993-103055 A: 19930226
DE 4216670 C2: 19940310
EP 570671 B1: 19971229
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In summary, the invention provides a measuring wheel comprising a hub, a rim and at least one connection arrangement between the hub and the rim and comprising one or several measuring elements in or on the connection arrangement for measuring forces and/or torques which act on the rotating measuring wheel. The connection arrangement in the hub and the rim comprises a radial/tangential connection device and an axial connection device. The radial/tangential connection device is designed so that the hub is rigid in the radial and tangential directions of the measuring wheel, however, it is connected to the rim non-rigidly in the axial direction, whereas the axial connecting device is designed so that it connects the hub rigidly in the radial directions about the vertical axes and the longitudinal axes of the measuring wheel but connects the hub non-rigidly to the rim in the other directions. At least one measuring element is in or on one of the connection arrangements for measuring the f orce or the torque which is transferred in such a direction between the hub and the rim in which the latter are interconnected rigidly by the connection arrangement in each case.