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Measuring probe
: Bollerott, M.

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DE 1990-4034019 A: 19901025
DE 1990-4034019 A: 19901025
EP 1991-917735 A: 19911016
DE 4034019 C1: 19920709
EP 554279 B1: 19941005
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The description relates to a measuring probe comprising a receiver unit, which receives a high frequency field radiated by a transmitter and evaluation unit located at a distance, a power supply unit, which generates a supply voltage for the measuring probe from the high frequency output signal of the receiver unit, a sensor unit, whose sensor signal is converted into a signal by a voltage-generated oscillator, the frequency of the converted signal being proportional to the output signal, and a modulation unit which modulates the high frequency output signal of the receiver unit with the output signal of the oscillator and applies the modulated signal to a transmitter unit. The invention is characterized by the sensor unit having at least one reference element and/or a further sensor and an identification unit generating an identification code, whose output signals are applied multiplexed by a multiplexer to the voltage-controlled oscillator, by means of which the high frequency carrie r signal can be modulated via the oscillator.