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Messanordnung und Verfahren zum beruehrungslosen Erfassen der 3-dimensionalen Raumform einer Brillenfassungsnut

Measurement apparatus for detecting and measuring components of spectacles - forms profiles of spectacle frame from contour measurements in x and y and z planes.
: Berndt, D.; Steinmann, C.

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DE 1997-19714929 A: 19970410
DE 1997-19727226 A: 19970626
EP 1998-921355 A: 19980318
DE 19727226 A1: 19981022
EP 974038 B1: 20020807
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The apparatus has a base on which the spectacle frame is fixed by means of a holder (13). The contour of the frame in the x-y plane is detected by means of a non-contact optoelectronic scanner. The resulting measurement data together with further measurement data in the z direction are fed to an analysis circuit for calculation of the curves of the frame, esp. the facing. A first scanner (2) is formed as a matrix camera (3) to determine the frame component contours in the x-y plane. A one dimensional triangulation measurement sensor is provided as a second scanner (5). One or more curves are formed spaced from the detected contours, and are stored in a memory. A mirror arrangement (7) is associated with the triangulation sensor (6). The mirror arrangement (7) reflects the measurement beam of the triangulation sensor to the frame components. The curves are used to scan and generate profiles of the frame components in the z direction by moving the triangulation sensor and the associated mirror arrangement along the curves. ADVANTAGE - Provides simple and efficient arrangement to provide precise three dimensional detection of shape of frame.