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MESFETs in thin silicon on SIMOX

: Vogt, Holger; Burbach, Gert; Belz, Joachim; Zimmer, Günter


Electronics Letters 25 (1989), Nr.23, S.1580-1581
ISSN: 0013-5194
Fraunhofer IMS ()
Feldeffekttransistor; Halbleiter-Devices; Material-Devices; MESFET; MOS-Strukturen; SOI; semiconductor devices and materials; FETs; MOS structures and devices; integrated circuits

Si MESFET's have been built into a thin (100nm) Si film on buried oxide implanted wafers. Aluminum has been used as gate material to obtain process compatibility with a high-performance CMOS process. With appropriate back bias the normally-on devices become enhancement-type. The high quality SIMOX substrate provides exellent transconductance, while the thin film reduces two-dimensional effects.