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Mechanical properties of newly developed PM-alloys

Mechanische Eigenschaften neuentwickelter Sinterlegierungen

Capus, J.M. ; Metal Powder Industries Federation -MPIF-, Princeton/N.J.:
P/M Steels. Proceedings of the 1992 Powder Metallurgy World Congress
Princeton/N.J., 1992 (Advances in Powder Metallurgy and Particulate Materials 1992. Proceedings 5)
ISBN: 1-878954-24-5
S.115-125 : Abb.,Tab.,Lit.
Powder Metallurgy World Congress <1992, San Francisco/Calif.>
Fraunhofer LBF ()
material property; mean stress sensitivity; Mittelspannungsempfindlichkeit; S-N-curve; sintered steel; Sinterstahl; Spannungs-Dehnungskurve; stress-strain curve; Werkstoffkennwert; Wöhlerlinie

Heavy duty applications of the automotive industry are forcing the PM' industry more and more to develop new high-strength materials. Herefore, two newly developed materials Fe8.0%Ni-1.O%Mo-0.5%C, as sintered, and Fe-1.5%Mo-0.5%C, as-sintered and quenched and tempered were investigated. The high fatigue performance of the first material obtained directly after sintering could be reached only by the second one after a heat treatment.