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MeBro - a framework for metadata-based information brokerage

: Langer, T.

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Bressane, S.:
I'MEDIAT '98. First International Workshop on Practical Information Mediation and Brokering and the Commerce of Information on the Internet
International Workshop on Practical Information Mediation and Brokering, and the Commerce of Information on the Internet (I'MEDIAT) <1, 1998, Tokyo>
Konferenzbeitrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer ISST ()
framework; information brokerage; Informationsvermittlung; metadata; Metadaten; Metadatenintegration; multidimensionale Suche; multidimensional search; search engine; Suchmaschine

A steadily increasing demand for high quality, up-to-date information on the one hand and the availability of a comprehensive range of information from a variety of sources on the other are characteristic of today's situation. In order to make full use of this market potential, brokerage services are required which not only fulfil the technical requirements but which also offer the necessary organisational features as well as a knowledge of the field in question. The "MeBro" (Metadata-based Brokerage) framework was developed by the Fraunhofer ISST in order to enable the construction of such tailored services for metadata-based information brokerage. It provides special methods, tools and software components, such as those for navigation (search and preview) in a "multidimensional" information space, for the integration of heterogeneous metadata, or for the creation and management of metadata in any given format. The framework approach ensures that brokerage services based on MeBro are easy to build, flexible, scaleable and can be transferred to a range of subject areas.