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Measurement of resuspended aerosol in the Chernobyl area I: Discussion of instrumentation and estimation of measurement uncertainty

: Garger, E.K.; Kashpur, V.; Belov, G.; Demchuk, V.; Tschiersch, J.; Wagenpfeil, F.; Paretzke, H.G.; Besnus, F.; Holländer, W.; Martinez-Serrano, J.; Vintersved, I.


Radiation and environmental biophysics 36 (1997), S.139-148
ISSN: 0301-634X
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
cesium; Chernobyl Nuclear Accident; environmental chemistry; environmental protection; measurement; nuclear power plants; Nuclear reactor accidents; Nuclear reactors; physics; pollution; radiation; radioactivity; wide range aerosol classifier

Results of measurements of the resuspended radioactive aerosols in the Chernobyl area are presented which were obtained soon after the Chernobyl reactor accident and in a European project in 1992-1993. The measurements were carried out with the intention of obtaining a data base for dose assessment of resuspended radioactive particles. Potential significant dose contributions may result from inhalation and secondary contamination due to resuspended radionuclides. In this first article of a series of three papers, the instrumentation and the measurement uncertainties were discussed.