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Materials for solid freeform manufacturing processes

Werkstoffe für Solid-Freeform-Herstellungsverfahren
: Eyerer, P.; Wiedemann, B.; Dusel, K.-H.; Keller, B.


Computers in industry 28 (1995), S.35-45
ISSN: 0166-3615
Fraunhofer ICT ()
material classification; material research; photopolymer; process optimization; sintering technology; SMF; solid freeform manufacturing

There is a large range of materials that can be used for solid freeform manufacturing (SFM) applications. Materials and techniques have to be classified in consideration of the respective application and the required properties to facilitate the selection for the user. For additional applications of SFM techniques there have to be further efforts on process optimization considering especially the interaction between material and process. Knowledge about material behaviour during processing is necessary to reach this goal both for photopolymer and laser sintering techniques.