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Materialflußsysteme in der flexibel automatisierten Fertigung. Bericht von den Fachmessen Cemat und MHI auf der Hannover Messe Industrie '89

: Feil, A.; Stelzer, C.

ZWF CIM 84 (1989), Nr.7, S.420-423
ISSN: 0932-0482
Fraunhofer IPK ()
Flurförderer; Handhabungsroboter; Lagertechnik; Materialfluss; Materialflusssystem; Materialflusstechnik; Messebericht

Materials flow systems in flexible automated production. Report on the trade exhibitions Cemat and MHI at the Hannover Fair '89. The area of emphasis "Industrial Automation" at the Hannover Fair '89 was made up of the trade exhibitions "Cemat - World Centre of Materials Flow Technology", "ASB - Drive, Control, Movement" and "MHI - Assembly, Handling, Industrial Robots". Supplementing the lineup was the new trade exhibition "C Techniques in Production" which showed the interconnections between production and information systems. The article reviews the trade fairs Cemat and MHI whilst describing state-of-the-art technology and development trends. The most significant aspect was the intensified move towards system solutions, in other words, the interlinking of the individual functions transport, warehousing, handling and control within materials flow.