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Material properties and electrochemical behavior of co-doped (La,Sr)Mn03

Materialeigenschaften und elektrochemisches Verhalten von Co-dotiertem (La,Sr)Mn03
: Syskakis, E.; Schaffrath, W.; Naoumidis, A.; Nickel, H.; Stochniol, G.; Wippermann, K.

Advanced Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. Proceedings
International Energy Agency (Workshop) <6, 1994, Rom>
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
Brennstoffzelle; cathode material; electrical conductivity; electrocatalytical activity; elektrische Leitfähigkeit; elektrokatalytische Aktivität; Kathodenmaterial; perovskite; Perowskit; solid oxide fuel cell

High performance characteristics in a SOFC can be achieved by a cathode material with high electrical conductivity and good electrocatalytic activity for oxygen reduction. These requirements are presently satisfied at best by (La, Sr)B03-perovskites (B = transition metal). The present work investigates basic properties of La-deficient cathode materials with varying cation substitution on the A-site in combination with a substitution of Mn by Co for the cation B-site. La-deficient perovskites (La0.95 minus x SrxMnl minus u Cou03) were prepared in a wide range of A- and / or B-site substitution The results of the investigations clearly show significant compositional influences on several properties required for the cathode material of SOFC. The electrical conductivity of most of the materials investigated exceeds 1 00 S/cm at 950 degree and might be sufficient for the application. Regarding the electrical conductivity, the electrochemical performance in oxygen reduction and oxygen evolut ion and the chemical stability against reaction with YSZ the perovskite La0.79Sr0.1 6Mn0.9Co0.103 seems to be the most favorable candidate as a cathode material in the SOFC: