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Machine tool frame for cutting and converting routines.
: Thomas, V.; Weidlich, D.; Mueller, A.

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DE 1998-19802372 A: 19980122
DE 1998-19802372 A: 19980122
DE 19802372 C2: 20031120
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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NOVELTY - Struts (2, 5, 7) forming the machine tool frame are arranged symmetrically round the main axis to draw off the main axial forces for maximum stiffness, and the main axis is coupled to the force input tripod-type component (1) through struts (2) which are mounted at one axial end of the base frame so as to reach out from here to the tripod. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - The struts should be slightly angled at 4-15 deg. in relation to the component and surround the main axis symmetrically at 120 deg. . The tripod takes a device to produce a force at an angle to the main axis and the base frame struts (5) of the frame run parallel to the main axis and are straddled by bearer plates (4,). Each strut and its allocated strut are coupled at one point to the plate on the tripod side of the plate. USE - Machine tools, cutting and converting machines. ADVANTAGE - Axial forces keep work in line without off-center loading or deviation, preserving accessibility at all times.