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Manufacturing of micromechanical components by diamond cutting - limits and chances -

: Weck, M.; Luderich, J.; Vos, M.; Schröder, H.B.

Bonis, M.; Alayli, Y.; Revel, P.:
Progress in Precision Engineering '95
Amsterdam: Elsevier, 1995
ISBN: 0-444-10000-8
International Precision Engineering Seminar (IPES) <8, 1995, Compiegne>
Fraunhofer IPT ()
Diamantdrehen; Mikrotechnik; Präzision

For mechanical and opto-mechanical devices conventional manufacturing techniques like cutting and forming processes are qualified methods for a cheap and reliable production of standard components in micromechanics.At IPT in Aachen extensive tests were per-formed on the production of micro-mechanical and micro-optical parts with dimensions below 200 micrometers using cutting processes, either to manufacture the final compo nent or to produce the moulds for the succeding forming process.Rotational symmetric parts were manufactured by dia mond turning, structured surfaces like micro-heat exchangers and mounts for glass fibres, by milling (fly-cutting).By detailed analysis the report gives an overview about the possibilities and chances of diamond cutting processes for the production of micro-mechanical components and micro-optical forming moulds if the manufacturing strategy is properly adapted and the cutting parameters are improved according to the actual needs.