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Magnetic emission detection of crack initiation

: Winkler, S.R.

American Society for Testing and Materials -ASTM-, Philadelphia/Pa.:
ASTM special technical publication 1074
Philadelphia/Pa., 1990 (ASTM STP 1074)
ISBN: 0-8031-1299-8
Symposium on Fracture Mechanics <21, 1988, Annapolis/Md.>
Fraunhofer IWM ()
brittle fracture; ductile fracture; Ferromagnetismus; initiation of stable crack extension; logarithmic signal processor; magnetic detector; magnetic emission; magnetic fields

A new technique has been developed to measure the onset of fracture events. Steel structures or facture mechanics steel specimens emit magnetic signals during rapid mechanical loading and when material failure occurs. These signals can be utilized for the detection of the originating events. In particular, the initiation of crack propagation, which is of basic interest for the determination of critical material parameters in fracture mechanics, can be determined. Reported are first results and efforts to understand the origin of the signals by a comparison with fracture surface appearances from fracture mechanics specimens.