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Magazin fuer die Fixierung von Kleinteilen

Magazine for fixing small parts e.g. from micro-system and fine mechanism technique - has round carrier with accommodations to hold parts arranged at defined and known locations.
: Grimme, R.; Schlenker, D.; Stock, A.; Schaefer, W.; Kaemper, K.P.; Berg, U.; Schmutz, W.; Ernst, G.; Renner, K.; Rothmaier, U.; Rudischhauser, J.

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DE 1995-19535971 A: 19950927
DE 1995-19535971 A: 19950927
EP 1996-945147 A: 19960927
WO 1996-DE1850 W: 19960927
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EP 852556 B1: 20020403
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The accommodations (3) hold releasable fixing components (4) each of which is provided with fixture devices for the small part. The accommodations are openings, in which the fixing components are inserted. In each accommodation, several fixing components or a group of them are inserted. The accommodation openings fully penetrate the magazine round carrier (1). The accommodations are arranged on the round carrier in a regular manner and especially in a form which allows a simple programming of a control unit for the input, handling and/or removal of the stored small parts. ADVANTAGE - Each small part has a defined location in the magazine so that apart from a manual input and removal an automatic input and removal in arbitrary sequence is possible.