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Macrophage precursors as natural killer cells against tumor cells and microorganisms

: Baccarini, M.; Decker, T.; Hao, L.; Lohmann-Matthes, M.-L.

Natural immunity and cell growth regulation 7 (1988), Nr.5/6, S.316-327
ISSN: 0254-7600
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
candida albican; colony stimulating factor; CSF; hematopoietic stem cell; IL-2; immunology; interleukin-2; liver; macrophage; macrophage precursor; microorganism; natural killer cell; tumor cell

Macrophage precursor cells have been isolated from spleen and liver of mice and have characterized using F4/80 antibody, their proliferative response to CSF-1 and their maturation to macrophages. These nonadherent and nonphagocytic cells exert strong killing of Yac-1 tumor cellx and of various microorganims. Transplantation of these macrophage precursors into lethally irradiated allogenic hosts restores natural killer (NK) activity within 14 days. Macrophage precursors show enhanced NK activity when activated with interleukin 2. FACS analysis of F 4/80 presorted macrophage precursors reveals about 30% of the cells coexpressing NK 1.1. and F 4/80. These data support the assumption that at least a part of the NK cell compartment is derived from the myeloid lineage.