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The machinability of fibre composites

: Lachmund, U.; Krismann, U.

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Verstärkte Kunststoffe e.V. -AVK-, Frankfurt:
Tagungshandbuch. 25. Internationale AVK-Tagung. FVK-TT Projektpräsentation
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Verstärkte Kunststoffe (Internationale Tagung) <25, 1993, Berlin>
Fraunhofer IPK ()
carbon layer; fibre composite; machinability; tool

This paper presents the results of technological investigations into the machinability of fibre composites. In many cases, machining is required during the manufacturing process for fibre composite parts for reasons associated with the material and the type of processing. The possibilities and limits on the machining of fibre composites are illustrated with the example of turning for chip-forming machining and with the example of laser beam and water jet cutting for abrasion. The results of technological investigations are presented, showing the attainable machining quality as well as characteristic types of material damage. A comparison of the abrading processes gives an indication of their suitability for the machining of fibre composites.