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Long-term study concerning the recycling of glass filter dusts from container glass production

: Kappel, J.

Varshneya, A.K.; Bickford, D.F.; Bihuniak, P.P. ; American Ceramic Society -ACerS-, Westerville/Ohio:
Advances in fusion and processing of glass. Proceedings of the Third International Conference
Westerville, Ohio: American Ceramic Society, 1993 (Ceramic Transactions 29)
ISBN: 0-944904-56-4
International Conference on Advances in the Fusion and Processing of Glass <2, 1990, Düsseldorf>
Fraunhofer ISC ()
container glass production; critical component; filter dust; glass; heavy metal; recycling

During a two year pilot study, filter dusts from container glass tanks producing white flint were continously recycled. In doing so no accumulations of critical components, neither in the dusts nor in the glasses occured and glass quality was not affected. Therefore, recycling of filter dusts seems to be a powerful means for saving raw materials and protecting the environment.