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Light dependence of partially depleted SOI-MOSFETs using SIMOX substrates

: Werner, R.; Zimmermann, C.; Kalz, A.


IEEE transactions on electron devices 42 (1995), Nr.9, S.1653-1656
ISSN: 0018-9383
Fraunhofer IMS ()
lichtempfindliches Bauelement; MOSFET; optical absorption; optoelektronisches Bauelement; photo transistor; phototransistor

The optical dependence of partially depleted MOSFET's on SIMOX substrates is investigated. Measurements of the electrical and optical characteristics are presented. In order to make use of the threshold voltage shift due to optical generation of carriers in the fiim a comparator circuit was realized, which can be switched by a light pulse. Possible applications can be found in the optically coupled signal transmission in the lower frequency range for intelligent power devices.