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WKI entwickelt Alternative zur Blow-Line-Beleimung für MDF
: Buchholzer, P.

MDF-Magazin. Supplement zu Holz-Zentralblatt (1999), Oktober, S.22-24
Fraunhofer WKI ()

The WKI (Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut) is developing a gluing system using the end part of the channel dryer as a glue adding zone. A patenthas already been applied for this method. This system replaces blow line gluing, a generally applied and recommended method, which has several shortcomings. This is new: glues will be added in the final section of the dryer where the fibres are already dry and rather cool. Pre-curing of the binding agent as well as hydrolytic decompositon of the binding agent in the dryer well therefore be matter of the past. The glued fibres are separated by the transport air in a cyclone added to the dryer. This cyclone can be installed right at the end of the glue adding zone. First tests have revealed that the gluing quality comes up to usual standards for MDF, though clearly less binding agents have to be used (3 % of solid resin maximum/absolutely dry fibre mass). Existing lines can easily be adapted to his new process: only the last and of the dryer has to be r eplaced.