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LCA impact assessment - classification of impacts into impact categories and main structure of valuation process

: Walz, R.; Stahl, W.; Herrchen, M.

Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry -SETAC-, Working Group on Life-Cycle Impact Assessment; TH Zürich -ETH-, Laboratory for Energy Systems:
First working document on life-cycle impact assessment methodology. Workshop
Zürich: ETH, 1994
Workshop Life-Cycle Impact Assessment Methodology <1, 1994, Zürich>
Fraunhofer ISI ()
Bewertung; Bewertungsprozeß; ecological valuation; Gesamtbewertung; impact category; life-cycle analysis; Ökobilanz; ökologische Bewertung; structure; Struktur; valuation; valuation process; Wirkungskategorie

The structure of LCA impact assessment is presented and problems of various key elements - e.g. the definition of environmental categories, the classification of impacts into impact categories and the structure of the valuation step are addressed.