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LCA database compilation in practice

Praxisbeispiele zur Erhebung von Sachbilanzdaten
: Langowski, H.-C.

European Chemical News and Chem Systems, London:
Life cycle analysis - putting the theory into practice
London, 1993
Life Cycle Analysis - Putting the Theory into Practice <1993, Brüssel>
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
beverage container; BMU; case study; FhILV computer program; FhILV-EDV-Programm; German Ministry of Environment; Getränkeverpackung; LCI methodology; packaging system; Pilotlebensweg; Sachbilanzmethodik; Verpackungssystem

A LC inventory method for packaging systems and a related computer program have been developed. Data for model packaging systems (beverage containers) have been raised and typical LC inventory results on those model systems have been presented to the German Ministry of Environment. The article mainly deals with the various methods of treating LCI data in context to the problems of dada raise and confidentiality aspects.