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Laserstrahlgeraet und Verfahren zur Bearbeitung von Werkstuecken

Laser beam appts. and workpiece machining process - comprises hand-held beam output head coupled to laser beam source, with focusing optics, beam deflector for beam oscillation and tip which also acts as spacer to maintain operating distance from work surface.
: Schlueter, H.; Zwick, A.; Wissenbach, K.

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DE 1995-19519150 A: 19950530
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Laser beam appts. for removing surface layers from workpieces, comprises a hand-held beam output head (11) with focusing optics (10), a light transmitting connection to a laser beam source, a beam deflection device for moving the laser beam, a tip covering the beam radially with an outlet opening on the workpiece side for the beam and a spacer for setting the distance between the output head (11) and workpiece. The spacer (14) is the tip of the output head (11); the laser beam can be oscillated by the beam deflection device over a predetermined track through the adaptable spacer outlet opening and the focusing optics (10) can vary the focusing of the beam on the workpiece surface in accordance with beam deflection. A machining process with the appts. is also claimed. USE - Used for free-hand laser beam operation, to remove surface layers from workpieces. ADVANTAGE - Allows good surface removal rates and machining times to be attained with free-hand operation.