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Laser scanner measuring system
: Hartrumpf, M.

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DE 1998-19806288 A: 19980216
DE 1998-19806288 A: 19980216
EP 1999-908879 AW: 19990211
WO 1999-EP903 A: 19990211
DE 19806288 A1: 19990826
EP 1056987 B1: 20050427
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NOVELTY - The scanner unit and the receiver unit are arranged on the same side relative to the object, and the surface normal of the receiver optic is parallel to the radiation direction of the scanner unit, that is, the scanner and receiver beam course have the same optical axis in the outer space at each time point, or the axes are moved parallel to each other and vertical to the movement direction of the beam from a laser (12). USE - Measuring complex or structured objects, or objects only accessible on one side. ADVANTAGE - Laser scanner measuring system so improved that it is suitable for measuring complex objects or objects accessible on one side.