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Lasermaterialbearbeitung von Kunststoffen

Material processing of plastics with laser
: Kreutz, W.; Pütz, H.; Klein, R.; Poprawe, R.

Polymere Funktions- und Struktur-Materialien
Bayreuth Polymer and Materials Research Symposium <1989, Bayreuth>
Fraunhofer ILT ()
Energiedisposition; energy deposition; Kunststoff; material processing; Materialbearbeitung; Oberflächenabsorption; plastic; polymer material; Polymerwerkstoff; surface absorption; volume absorption; Volumenabsorption

Radiation sources in the infrared region, especially Nd:YAG-Lasers (lambda = 1.06 mym) and CO2-lasers (lambda = 10,6 mym), are mainly used in material processing (welding, cutting, drilling or refining) (1). Excimer lasers with their UV-radiation (lambda = 190 nm-400nm) are used in chemical processes, marking, drilling and ablation (2). However, the advantages of the processing of plastics with laser radiation are not used extensively (e.g. cutting and marking) (3). Absorption properties of the material as well as the change of the material quality define the treatment with laser radiation. Because of the - in general - insignificant thermal conductivity, the energy deposition in the material is limited to small volumes. Therefore the optical penetration depth of the laser radiation into the material has an important influence on the selection of processing techniques.