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Laserinduziertes Abdampfen als Basisprozeß des Bohrens, Fräsens und Schneidens

: Wester, R.

Laser und Optoelektronik 23 (1991), Nr.4, S.60
ISSN: 0722-9003
Fraunhofer ILT ()
caving; laser material removal; milling

In many cases in material processing with laser beams the workpiece reaches temperatures at which evaporation sets in. The knowledge of the evaporation rate, the vapor density, the vapor velocity and so on is in many cases of great importance for the insight into the entire process. Evaporation is a non-thermal equilibrium process. Kinetic models have to be used for a quantitative description of that process. In this article a simple model is discussed which can be used to calculate evaporation rates, vapor velocities and vapor temperatures as function of the temperature at the surface of the workpiece, at least approximately. The surface temperature in this case is determined by the absorbed laser energy, the particle evaporation rate, and by heat conduction.