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Laserdioden mit Kuehlsystem

Laser diodes with cooling system
: Treusch, H.G.; Krause, V.; Buechler, A.

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DE 1993-4315581 A: 19930511
DE 1993-4315581 A: 19930511
DE 4315581 A1: 19941117
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to semiconductor laser diodes comprising a cooling system. The device contains a laser setup consisting of a cooling system in layer structure, in which a layer is a substrate which contains one or several laser diodes, and in which at least one layer is structured in such a way that closed channels arise by joining layers together, and a cooling medium flows through said closed channels, and where the substrate is in direct contact with the cooling medium. A preferred design variant consists in the fact that the laser diodes are integrated on a chip and that said laser diodes can be structured on their rear side by microchannels. The advantage of the component according to the invention is that the thermal resistance of the laser-active zone is strongly reduced through to the cooling medium as a result of direct contact to the cooling medium in the substrate or the laser diode chip. By integrating the substrate or laser diode chip in the microchannel heat sink, t he number of necessary layers can be reduced and the dimension of the component can also be reduced. The cooling channels on the component are implemented by means of etching, laser machining, stamping or galvanization depending on the material composition.