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Laser Ultrasonics in Industry

: Paul, M.; Hoffmann, A.; Oesterlein, L.; Deppe, G.-J.

Comite Europeen sur les Essais Non Destructifs -ECNDT-, Paris:
7th European Conference on Nondestructive Testing 1998. Vol. 2
Broendby, Denmark, 1998
ISBN: 87-986898-0-00
European Conference on Nondestructive Testing (ECNDT) <7, 1998, Copenhagen>
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
Industrie; industry; Laser-Ultraschall; laser ultrasonics; Laserultraschall; wall thickness measurement; Wanddickenmessung

The generation of ultrasound by pulsed lasers and its interferometric detection, shortly called laser ultrasonics, is a well established ndt method in research laboratories. However, until now the transfer into industrial application could be achieved only in a few cases. This paper describes a laser ultrasonic device for in-line wall thickness measurement of hot seamless tubes. It discusses the development work and presents the results during trials in the shop. The general problems related with the industrial application of laser ultrasonics are discussed.