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Laser surface alloying of metallic materials

: He, X.; Pirch, N.; Kreutz, E.W.; Mordike, B.L.

Lasers in Engineering 4 (1995), S.291-316 : Abb.,Lit.,Tab.
ISSN: 0898-1507
Fraunhofer ILT ()
convection; laser surface alloying; model; solidification; solute distribution; surface layer

In this paper the development of a two dimensional model is described for one step laser surface alloying. The temperature, flow and concentration fields in the longitudinal section are calculated numerically using the Finite Element Method from the balance of energy, momentum and mass. The influence of the latent heat and the difference between the thermal conductivity in the liqued and in the solid states on the geometry of the molten pool is demonstrated. The effects of the convectional flow in the liquid bath on the temperature or concentration distribution is discussed. The experiments were carried out on an aluminuim substrate with copper as the alloying element. The microstructure and hardness were determined in the alloyed zone. The results were compared with the model predictions. Good agreement was achieved.