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Laser mit Schwingspiegel zur Leistungsmodulation

: Sturm, V.; Loosen, P.; Herziger, G.

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DE 1990-4016579 A: 19900523
DE 1990-4016579 A: 19900523
DE 4016579 C2: 19941215
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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Laser with a periodically oscillating mirror (S3) reflecting the laser beam (10) in the resonator (11). In order to improve a laser having the features mentioned above such that its radiant power can be modulated within the range of several kilowatts at comparably high modulation frequencies, it is shaped so that the oscillating mirror (S3) is part of an ultrasonic generator (14) adjustably attached to the laser casing (12), the ultrasonic generator oscillating in the directions of the resonator axis (15).