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Laser-based thermal shock testing of ceramics - from material characterization to component qualification

: Bast, U.; Steiner, D.; Höpken, J.; Balke, H.; Kirchhoff, G.

Thermal Stresses '95. Tagungsband
International Symposium on Thermal Stresses and Related Topics <1995, Hamamatsu>
Fraunhofer IWS ()
Bauteiltest; ceramic; component test; finite element analysis; Finite-Elemente-Methode (FEM); finite-size absorber; Keramik; laser; thermal fatigue; thermal shock; Thermoermüdung; Thermoschock

A novel thermal shock test method shall be extended from material characterisation to tests of sintered and finished ceramic components for heat engines. The principle of this new method is that well defined tensile stresses are created in the vicinity of corners and edges of a component by laser irradiation. Numerical simulations using finite-element calculations are undertaken to optimise the experimental parameters. The simulations are refined by a comparison of the calculations and the results of thermal shock tests of model components.