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Korrosionsgeschuetztes Metall

Corrosion-protected metal

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DE 1993-4343041 A: 19931216
DE 1993-4343041 A: 19931216
DE 4343041 C2: 19970911
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Metals in the form of sheets, strips, films and metallic surfaces are provided with an inorganic layer system, said metals having better corrosion protection properties than known protection layers and being more economic to manufacture. An environmentally friendly process will be used. According to the invention, a sublayer composed of metal or metal alloys or a chemical compound is sputtered onto the metal or metal layer under plasma support. On said sublayer, the corrosion protection layer composed of the same or a different material type than the sublayer is deposited under plasma support. A cover layer again made of the same or a different material type is sputtered onto the corrosion protection layer under plasma support. The main application of the corrosion-protected metal is in the metal-processing industry. The corrosion protection of metal surfaces on the other hand is preferably used to protect the surfaces of mirrors and solar collectors.