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Korrosion und Abwitterung von Asbestzementprodukten

: Hochrainer, D.

Österreich, Bundesminister für Umwelt, Jugend und Familie, Wien:
Asbesthearing 1989. Referate
Wien, 1989
S.1-15 : Abb.,Tab.
Asbesthearing <1989, Wien>
Fraunhofer IUCT ( IME) ()
Abwitterung; Asbest; asbestos; asbestos cement; Asbestzement; corrosion; emission; immission; Korrosion; weathering

Measurements of the emission of asbestos fibers from asbestos cement tiles have been made. The emission depends on the type and age of the tile, the use (fassade or roof), the cover, the weather and the climate. A mean emission of 8 10 high 6 fibers (with length larger than 5 My m) per 2 square meter and hour has been found. The concentration of asbestos fibers with length larger than 5 My m in the vicinity of the tiles (0.2 to 1 m distance) has a median value of 370 fibers per cubicmeter and a mean value of 750 fibers per cubicmeter. In 200 m distance from the buildings is the concentration smaller than 150 fibers per cubicmeter.