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Actuating linkage for press - has two articulated levers, outer and inner links and adjustment of threaded spindle and motor.
: Schmidt, U.; Herold, K.

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DE 1996-19650281 A: 19961204
DE 1996-19650281 A: 19961204
DE 19650281 C1: 19980402
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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There are at least two articulated levers (16,18) arranged in a mirror image formation and linked to shared outer links (12,14) have toggle links (20,22) rigidly connected at an adjustable spacing. The first outer link (12) is connectable to the drive of the press, and the second, lower outer link (14) is connected to a press plunger. An adjustment (32,34) consists of a linear drive piece joining the toggle links and consisting of a threaded spindle (32) and an adjusting motor (34). Each articulated lever consists of pairs of levers (26,24;28,30) joined by the outer links and by bolts (19) belonging to the inner links. ADVANTAGE - The economically produced coupling enables the length to be altered easily, and induces additional movements while the mechanical press is operating.