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Condensation nucleus counter
: Hollaender, W.; Dunkhorst, W.; Loedding, H.

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DE 1990-4019676 A: 19900620
DE 1990-4019676 A: 19900620
EP 1991-108336 A: 19910523
DE 4019676 C1: 19911219
EP 462413 B1: 19950329
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Condensation nucleus counter, comprising a humidification zone through which sample air is passed, and an approximately vertical condensation zone, and an optical detection system comprising a light source and a detector, whereby the humidification zone (1) consists of a channel (2) made of porous material (3) and a cavity (4) surrounding said channel (2), the cavity serving to receive the operating liquid, the condensation zone (5) consists of a channel (6) which is also surrounded by a cavity (7) serving to receive the cooling medium; the condensation zone (5) is connected to the humidifation zone (1) by means of a connecting piece (8).