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Knowledge engineering in manufacturing

: Spur, G.; Specht, D.

MSTF Stockholm
MSTF <1989, Stockholm>
Fraunhofer IPK ()
Anwendung; CIM; Einsatzgebiet; Expertensystem; Informationsfluß; knowledge-based system; Künstliche Intelligenz; wissensbasiertes System

The linking of information technology and production technology in computer-integrated, flexible manufacturing systems permits a high technology to develop, placing new requirements on development and design, production planning and control, assembly and manufacturing, maintenance and quality assurance. The increasing variety of different types of knowledge is only perceived by a small number of highly qualified experts with great experience. Ways must therefore be sought for relaying this knowledge to less experienced employees. The development of such systems in a form which is suitable for practical use requires intensive further development of the solutions from artificial intelligence research. Appropriate forms of representation must be constructed for various technical tasks. This work corresponds to the concept of the continous information flow in computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM).