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Clamping contact device
: Dreher, H.; Woessner, J.; Hoerz, T.; Spingler, J.; Lingemann, G.

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DE 1994-4403507 A: 19940204
DE 1994-4403507 A: 19940204
DE 4403507 C1: 19950216
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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This concerns a clamping contact device for the area-wise stripping of an electrical conductor, and a processing tool, such as a knife. According to the invention, the knife is arranged in parallel to the longitudinal axis of the conductor and is designed as a peeling knife. In the preferred design shape, the clamping contact device is formed from two bodies movable in relation to each other and the other acts as a knife fixture. The two movable bodies have interactive guides, preferably in the shape of a guide strip and a guiding groove to fit the same.