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Klebtechnik und ihre Möglichkeiten

: Groß, A.

Der Konstrukteur 25 (1994), Nr.1/2, S.64-65
ISSN: 0344-4570
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
adhesive bonding technology; Anwendungsbeispiel; example of application; Innovationspotential; innovative potential; Klebtechnik; modern material; moderner Werkstoff; qualification; Qualifizierung

The modern structural adhesive bonding technology is a relativ young joining technique. In spite of this adhesive bonding is established in many fields of application in industrial and handicraft production. New modern materials show specific properties. These have to be preserved during the processing, e.g. joining. Adhesive bonding opens this possibility. The joining by adhesive shows a high long term stability, too. For the adequate use of adhesive bonding the qualification of staff and enterprise is necessary. Such a qualification system is developed.