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Kippschalenanordnung fuer Sortierfoerderanlagen

Tilting-dish mechanism for sorting conveyor - has body turned by lever on vertical axis with horizontal tilting shaft (9) above it has two levers (6,7) at one end.
: Boecker, T.

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DE 1996-19620635 A: 19960522
DE 1996-19620635 A: 19960522
EP 1997-108148 A: 19970520
DE 19620635 C2: 19990311
EP 808784 B1: 20001115
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The body (3) is turned by a lever, and the tilting shaft (9) above it has two levers (6,7) at one end. The wheel (5) rolls in a guide (4) between the levers, acting on them so as to tilt the shaft (9). The movements of shaft and body are independent of each other. The levers can be detachable from the shaft, and body it and the body can be positively turned, their rotation in each case being limited to 35 degrees. USE - Discharges goods against travel direction, allowing widely varying discharge speed and acceleration in both directions.