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Kinetics of Fat Migration within Filled Chocolates

Kinetik der Fettmigration in gefüllten Schokoladen
: Ziegleder, G.

International Society for Fat Research -ISF-:
23rd World Congress and Exhibition of the International Society for Fat Research (ISF) 1999. Abstracts
Brighton, 1999
International Society for Fat Research (World Congress and Exhibition) <23, 1999, Brighton>
Fraunhofer IVV ()
chocolate; fat; Fett; kinetics; Kinetik; Lagerung; migration; Schokolade; storage

Migration resistance of chocolate shells can be increased by the reduction of their liquid fat content and by the enlargement of the nonfat particle surface. The liquid fat content depends on the total fat level and the solid fat index. There, some significant parameters are storage temperature, origin of cocoa butter, and the portion of milk fat. The amount of solid fat and viscosity decrease with a rise in storage temperature. Solid particles may to some extent work as an oil absorbent, especially if they have irregular shape and high porostiy. Obviously the liquid chocolate fat phase, not absorbed by particle surface areas and therefore mobile, works as the main transport medium for filling oils.