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Kettenlasche und Verfahren zu deren Herstellung

Link plate and process for its manufacture
: Rinschede, A.; Wilke, H.

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DE 1992-4211902 A: 19920409
DE 1992-4211902 A: 19920409
EP 1993-105199 A: 19930329
DE 4211902 C2: 19940714
EP 564954 B1: 19960619
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The description refers to a link plate having a bolt or bushing mount (11) at each of its two ends and an annular winding (3) running around the entire circumferential length of the link, made of rovings immersed in resin. The link plate consists of a pressure piece (2) comprising sleeves (1) at its two end faces arranged with their circumference on the pressure piece (2), whereby holes in the sleeves (1) form bolt or bushing mounts (11) and the winding (3) runs externally along the unit comprising the pressure piece (2) and sleeves (1).