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Kammer zur Oberflaechenpruefung von Siliciumscheiben

Silicon wafer surface testing chamber e.g. for detecting heavy metal contaminants by the vapor phase decomposition.
: Kluge, A.; Zielonka, G.

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DE 1998-19800923 A1: 19980113
DE 1998-19825226 A: 19980605
DE 19825226 C2: 20010726
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NOVELTY - The silicon wafer surface testing chamber comprises a wafer-holding housing having side walls fitted with a test liquid channel system of slightly inclined long open-top channels (5) for passing test liquid downwards through the housing. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for a silicon wafer surface testing process in which a test substance is evaporated from the channel system above and is vapor deposited onto wafers. Evaporation is terminated by stopping liquid supply and allowing the test liquid to drain from the channel system. The channel system is optionally flushed with deionized water, the chamber is optionally flushed with inert gas and the reaction products are analyzed for contaminants. USE - For testing silicon wafer surfaces for inorganic contaminants such as heavy metals, e.g. by the vapor phase decomposition (VPD) method using hydrogen fluoride or other test substance which is collected by a droplet scanner and analyzed in an atomic ab sorption spectrometer. ADVANTAGE - The chamber allows single or multiple wafer testing of wafers of up to 300 mm diameter or more. The channel system provides better control of test substance evaporation compared with a prior art open evaporation container, allows control of test liquid passage and thus dwell time and allows the reaction space and thus chamber size to be reduced.