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Isolated Proteins and Fibres with Enhanced Product Profiles. Application Prognosis by Wettability Determination

Proteinisolate und Ballaststoffe mit erweiterten Produkteigenschaften. Applikationsprognose durch Bestimmung der Benetzbarkeit
: Müller, K.; Wäsche, A.; Borcherding, A.

Association Europeenne de Recherche sur les Proteagineux -AEP-:
3rd European Conference on Grain Legumes 1998. Opportunities for High Quality, Healthy and Added-Value Crops to Meet European Demands
Paris: AEP, 1998
European Conference on Grain Legumes <3, 1998, Valladolid, Spain>
Fraunhofer IVV ()
application prognosis; Applikation; Ballaststoff; Benetzungseigenschaft; Bestimmungsmethode; determination; dietary fibre; Eigenschaftsprofil; isolated protein; product profile; Proteinisolat; wettability

Wettability is an important contributing to the overall characteristics of functional proteins. Wettability of plant protein isolates is dependent on particle sizes and therefore on spray-drying and agglomeration conditions. The particle sizes of the proteins are determined with a Malvern Mastersizer S measuring system. In a testing device, specially designed for the evaluation of proteins and fibres the time is measured for the complete moistening of the samples. Depending on the capillarity of the sample, the height of the sample layer and the surface tension of the liquid, the time for the complete moistening of the sample significantly. Controlled agglomeration is contributing to optimize the handling properties of protein powders.