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Ion densities and particle charges for alpha ionization in an aerosol atmosphere

Columnar recombination corrections
: Mayya, Y.S.; Holländer, W.


Aerosol science and technology 23 (1995), Nr.4, S.628-640
ISSN: 0278-6826
ISSN: 1521-7388
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
aerosols; atmospheric electricity; ion recombination; ionization; ions - density

Ionization by alpha sources in an environment containing small aerosol particles is of interest in aerosol neutralizers, particle chargers and atmospheric electricity. It is known that the conventional ion-balance equation is inadequate in describing the bulk ion densities for alpha sources in view of the columnar recombination process. An earlier self-consistent formulation to include this effect is extended to the case of unequal ionic mobilities and the consequent asymmetric charging of particles. Calculations for medium (Radon-222) and low (Thorium-232) energy sources commonly encountered indicate that the columnar recombination corrections lower the ion densities and the particle mean charges by a factor of about 2 for weak sources (strength < 10(3) ions cm (-3) s(-1)) and by a factor of 1.2 for strong sources (Abstract truncated)