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InViVo-IORT - A System for Quality Control in Intraoperative Radiotherapy

: Walter, S.; Straßmann, G.; Schmitt, M.

Kaufman, A.; Yagel, R.; Chen, M.:
International Workshop on Volume Graphics 1999. Preprint. Vol.2
Swansea, UK, 1999
International Workshop on Volume Graphics <1999, Swansea>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Intra Operative Navigation; Intra Operative Radio Therapy; volume rendering

Intraoperative radiotherapy is a kind of brachytherapie where the remains of a surgically not completely removed tumour are irradiated at the open situ of the patient. The current main drawback of this treatment is the insufficient documentation of the applied radiation and the lack of a possibility for an individual treatment planning. This work presents a system that is a common development of the fraunhofer Institut for Computer graphics and Städtische Klinik Offenbach and MedCom GmbH that offers a possibility for interactive supervision of the placement of the irradiation flabs, the creation of a documentation of the applied isodose as well as the possibility for an individual intraoperative radiotherapy planning.